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Beauty is in everything

Our task is to find it and show it in all its glory. We do not want to be a mere service provider. We want to be partners on the way to extraordinary achievements.

Visibility is the new capital. But only a professional presentation creates attention and trust. Instinct Pictures puts your company or product in the best light. Be it for brand image, marketing or a product film, we develop and create the right visual world for you.


Instinct Pictures is your partner for all matters of internal and external communication.

We have over 20 years of experience in realising audiovisual communication measures and implement the following formats, among others: explanatory films, educational films, recruiting videos, videos concerning information for employees, safety instructions, periodic shareholder updates, event films, event shorts, property visualisations and drone recordings.


Quick, affordable, predictable, eventful, without limits, simple and sustainable. All these attributes apply to virtual production. Instinct Pictures has extensive expertise in these areas through various productions.

Cost efficient

The New York skyline, a jungle in Brazil or a desert in Central Africa. Far-away locations result in high production costs. With virtual production, you can bring any location into the studio at a fraction of the cost. Realistic settings are recreated in a virtual recording environment in which actors can act immediately and in a realistic way. 


Virtual Production makes outdoor shoots predictable. Planning is much easier, since weather conditions and the lighting situation in the studio are not subject to fluctuations. The need to obtain filming permits is eliminated, as are disruptive influences on the set.


Bigger than life. Virtual Production means you can give your story the surroundings it deserves. Any location, no matter how spectacular, can be played in the background in real time. A romantic sunset or a heavy snowstorm are only a mouse click away.


Virtual production is better for the environment. Travel and logistics costs are drastically reduced compared to conventional production methods which leads to a reduced CO2-footprint.

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Instinct Pictures is an indispensable partner for direct clients and agencies in the production of audiovisual works. The Basel-based company has over two decades of experience in film production and TV journalism (on behalf of SRF and RTL, among others). This has resulted in several international film awards and the trust of international brands such as Ricola, Peugeot, Oris and Geberit.

Instinct Pictures always adheres to the same mantra: "Beauty is in everything". Our task is to find it and show it in all its glory. We do not want to be a mere service provider, but instead, we want to be partners on the path to extraordinary achievements.

We produce a wide range of audiovisual works such as corporate films, commercials, social media content and spots in special formats for OOH, POS and POI. We place the highest value on powerful, aesthetic imagery and well conceived storytelling.

Instinct Pictures' equipment and workflows meet the most modern standards. This enables us to create extensive documentaries and feature films.


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Instinct Pictures can count among its customers a large number of brands and companies at home and abroad. We have one goal in common with all of our customers: to achieve the greatest possible impact with the resources available. We like to go the extra mile for this because we see every project as our baby to which we want to give the maximum energy and creativity. That we promise.