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Greenscreen and
Virtual Production

Quick, affordable, predictable, eventful, without limits, simple and sustainable. All these attributes apply to virtual production. Instinct Pictures has extensive expertise in these areas through various productions.


New Yorker Skyline, Urwald in Brasilien oder Sandwüste in Zentralafrika. Weit entfernte Locations bedeuten hohe Produktionskosten. Mit Greenscreen und Virtual Production holen Sie jede Location ins Studio – zu einem Bruchteil der Kosten. In der virtuellen Aufnahme-Umgebung werden realistische Settings nachgestellt. In diesen Settings können Schauspieler:innen direkt und lebensecht agieren.


Virtual Production makes outdoor shoots predictable. Planning is much easier, since weather conditions and the lighting situation in the studio are not subject to fluctuations. The need to obtain filming permits is eliminated, as are disruptive influences on the set.


Bigger than life. Virtual Production means you can give your story the surroundings it deserves. Any location, no matter how spectacular, can be played in the background in real time. A romantic sunset or a heavy snowstorm are only a mouse click away.


Virtual production is better for the environment. Travel and logistics costs are drastically reduced compared to conventional production methods which leads to a reduced CO2-footprint.